What ails you?

Understanding why you feel the way you feel.

There is a great variety of responses to our nutritional care program.  Some clients see results within hours, others seem to progress slowly, and there are others who get worse before they get better.  There is no way to predict how you will respond.  You must be patient. Healing is a process. Remind yourself that you did not get sick in a day.

Once you start the process of taking the appropriate supplements and follow the anti-fungal diet there is a “die-off” reaction as organisms begin to die and are eliminated from the body.  This may cause you to feel foggy, tired, irritable and/or cause headaches. Bowel changes may occur and/or your skin may breakout.  There may be symptoms as you eliminate foods from your diet.  As the yeast/fungi and other microbes die there may be a variety of changes in your mental and physical state.

Layering is a phenomenon that occurs with many clients. It can be compared to peeling the layers of an onion; we often find that many clients must resolve one problem before another can be addressed.  The supplements you take may need to change over time and how you feel may change.  One layer may be dealt with easily while a subsequent layer may be very challenging.  Often there will be changes in your emotions as well. Healing can be much like a roller coaster ride.  Just as we explain getting well is like peeling an onion, we can explain getting sick like an oyster making a pearl.  One small grain of sand serves as the irritant that the oyster builds upon, layer upon layer.  Your problem may have begun very small and simply but has now become large and complex.

What happens when you improve your diet.

While developing improved eating habits one begins to incorporate more foods that are closer to their natural state into you daily diet.  These foods are higher in enzymes, vitamins and minerals and build healthier tissues.  It is also   beneficial to eliminate harmful substances such as sugar, coffee, tea and tobacco from your diet permanently.

Improving your diet can have repercussions.  Your body becomes accustomed to stimulants like sugar, caffeine and nicotine.  When these substances are discontinued withdrawal symptoms often occur.  You may experience physical and emotional changes as the heart and nervous system calm down and function without artificial stimulation.

As you continue to eat better, the body may begin a process called “retracing”. Although rare, “retracing” may happen on occasion. Your body starts dumping out all the old toxins, whether from food, pollutants, and/or stress, starting with the most recent.  For example, people who have past skin rashes and eruptions will often eliminate poisons through the skin with new rashes and eruptions.  Some individuals may experience colds and/or flu.  Other symptoms include: constipation, diarrhea, lack of energy, nervousness, irritability, depression and frequent urination.

Generally, how you treated your body previously determines the severity of the symptoms that you will experience during the cleansing process.  A majority of clients find that their reactions are tolerable because they are also showing signs of improved health concurrently.

Do not expect a direct rapid path to health.  This does happen frequently but some cases are more gradual and some are much like a roller coaster ride.