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Alaria Supreme

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Manufacturer: Supreme Nutrition

Alaria Supreme™ is packaged in a bottle of 90 veggie caps, each containing approximately 500 mg of Alaria esculenta without fillers, binders or excipients.

Alaria is certified organic, wild crafted seaweed that tests free of both mercury and cadmium. Alaria has a great nutrient profile. Two capsules will give you your RDA of organic iodine as well as smaller but significant amounts of most vitamins and minerals. It has the most significant amounts of calcium, magnesium and B-vitamins of any edible seaweed.  Alaria is a rich source of organic trace minerals in a form that is very easily assimilated. No land plant can compare.  Iodine deficiency is commonplace and land plants typically do not supply the amount of iodine needed to meet our needs. Inorganic iodine added to table salt is not an ideal form.

Alaria inhibits cancer cell growth in animal studies. It is considered anti-mutagenic, and anti-tumor. It is believed that the low rate of breast cancer and lung cancer in Japan (despite the high rate of smoking) is due to seaweed consumption. Seaweeds can lower serum cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure and help remove arterial plaque as well as decrease platelet stickiness. Alaria can also lower raised uric acid levels and can be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral.

Alaria can be very effective in preventing damage due to radiation exposure from power plants, nuclear tests etc. Alaria may also be very valuable for people undergoing radiation therapy, as it may decrease side effects and speed recovery. Alaria helps remove heavy metals and other chemicals from the body.  Alaria is stimulating to the immune system and aids in recovery from physical traumas such as surgery.

Recommended dose is 3 caps daily as a trace mineral source. For detoxification, metal and chemical chelation, radiation protection, 4-6 caps daily are recommended. It is well tolerated by sensitive patients, and is an excellent source of micro minerals.


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