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Bodyguard Supreme - Phyllanthus fraternus

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Manufacturer: Supreme Nutrition

Body Guard Supreme™ each bottle contains 90 veggie capsules with each capsule containing approximately 500 mg of Phyllanthus fraternus.

BodyGuard appears to have a positive effect in preventing damage to the body from excessive electro-magnetic field (EMF) exposure. As EMFs have become more prevalent in our lives with cell phones, wireless connections, microwaves, computers, etc.; they have potential to produce harm to our nervous and endocrine systems, neurotransmitters, melatonin production, etc. Body Guard is an excellent liver remedy, and in many cases decreases clients’ food and environmental sensitivities. BodyGuard is an excellent liver detoxifier. In the tropics, phyllanthus fraternus has been used in treatment of gall and kidney stones, malaria, diabetes, acute and chronic pain, infections including bladder, inflammation of the prostate, and tumors. In research over the years it has shown to be liver protective against different environmental chemicals, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, lower blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Studies at a medical school in Brazil showed that it promoted the elimination of kidney stones. It may be used as a preventative to stone formation. It has been shown help reduce damage during chemotherapy and radiation and increased the life span of mice with liver cancer by 65%. Studies have also shown that BodyGuard is very useful as an antiviral especially against hepatitis B and possibly Hepatitis A, C and HIV.

Dosage: One cap 3x/day

Contra-indications: To be safe, I would not prescribe it during pregnancy as with most other herbs. Because it can lower blood pressure and blood sugar, patients on antihypertensive drugs (also beta-blockers and other heart medications) or blood sugar lowering drugs may need careful monitoring or adjusting the doses of their medications or you may not want to prpescribe BodyGuard in these patients. It may also be contra-indicated in severely hypoglycemic patients. 


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