What ails you?

My 45 year old client had been struggling with cervical dysplasia for years. She recently had a Colposcopy and Cervical Biopsy that showed an apparent need to do a loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) within the last few years. Despite the surgery the dysplasia returned and she was scheduled for another LEEP in a month. She tested positive on the HPV vial which was blocked by Melia Supreme and Thorne’s Indole 3 Carbinol. After taking the supplements for three weeks, her Gynecologist took a Pap smear which the pathologist determined was negative for cervical dysplasia and HPV. She and her gynecologist were pleasantly surprised and she was happy to cancel her appointment for the LEEP.

Case histories for Applied Kinesiology and Supreme Nutrition Products:


Case History Dr Jeff Robinson- Scottsdale AZ

Patient presented with 5 years of nausea, constipation, multiple allergies to food, burning stomach, inability to gain weight, scoliosis (which is why mother brought patient to me for adjustments). I told her I could help with the adjustments but asked her if she would like me to help him with his stomach and digestive system. She was skeptical since she had brought him to the "best" doctors in the country. He tested for the following vials, mixed babesia, mixed bartonella, mixed borrelia, mix fungus 1, external parasite 1, mixed internal parasite. Food toxin vials gluten, dairy, and solanines all tested hypertonic, Morinda Supreme blocked "microbe" vials. The mother was very skeptical of Morinda and only agreed after a lot of persistence. The following is an email sent by her.

Good Morning!

You have performed a miracle in healing my son and for that, I will be forever grateful to you. It has been a long and excruciatingly difficult five years of suffering for Cullen, and as a parent yourself, I'm sure you can imagine what it has been like for us to watch our son lose the best part of his childhood, while he continued to become sicker, enduring incredible bouts of agonizing pain and there was nothing we could do but comfort him until is passed. We've been to countless, MD's, like Dr. Weil and Dr. Hyman to name a few, ND's, OD's, healers, modalities, lab tests, procedures, and traveled around the country trying to find a diagnosis and healing for Cullen. It is surely no coincidence we moved to Scottsdale. I truly believe the universe led us to you and you did the job, a great job. It is amazing to me that we've spent so much time and many thousands of dollars, yet all it took was one supplement, Morinda Supreme (editors note: I am sure the food avoidance and rest of the protocol played a role too) and ongoing adjustments and he is well on the road to recovery. We owe you so much, Dr. Robinson.




As you know we had a little girl on November 5th, 2012. Ever since birth her tongue has been white or what I would consider "thrush" like. Our pediatrician informed us that this was "normal" which I disagreed with. We tried using Takesumi Supreme and another product which also included charcoal which was supposeD to help with colic. Your son Noah was visiting my office and I asked if he would test my wife and baby. Both my wife and baby tested for aflatoxins,zearolenone and hypertonic to stachybotrus chartum (all in the Mycotoxin kit by AK Test Kits), (We had a hidden mold problem that was unfortunately discovered towards the end of the pregnancy.)
Noah found that Bodyguard, Manjistha, Illicium (all Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744) and N acetyl-Cysteine blocked the positive vials. Takesumi also tested on the baby. Within one week her white tongue was completely gone and her demeanor was much better, less fussy "colicky", sleeping longer, smiling more! We were not consistent with the baby taking Takesumi because we had used it before with no improvement, so I feel that Noah's prescription for my wife is what removed the toxins responsible for our babies thrush. I've heard that candida is naturally present in our mouth and actually there to protect us. In my baby's case I think it was showing a toxin present in the milk even though testing the milk against the baby showed no weakness. Big thanks to Noah and I will continue to update you on their progress.



 Submitted by Jeff Robinson DC- Scottsdale AZ

A current patient came to me in May with right side vocal cord paralysis. She could only speak in a whisper. The EENT tried steroids which didn’t help and said that it would take 6-8 months to heal, or never change at all. Out of desperation she asked me if acupuncture would help which I do use; but asked her more questions about when it started and found out that she had a series of dental procedures done 2 weeks prior.

Testing showed weakness on the Mercury, mixed Virus 2, dairy, Fungus 2 and Rickettsia vials (AK test Kits 1-888-323-0625). She was put on Takeusmi Supreme, Melia Supreme (Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744) and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Infrared/red laser was done for 15 minutes to the right anterior neck region with acupuncture used on SP6, ST 36, GB 34, LIV3, LI4, LI20, ST12, KI27.

I didn’t see the patient until 4 weeks later and was shocked when she came and was speaking almost normal! She claimed she was 60% improved! Testing again showed mercury and dairy, but other vials that previously tested were now negative. She needed Takesumi Supreme, Camu Supreme, and Alpha Lipoic acid. I sent an email to her yesterday because I hadn’t seen her in over 2 months. Her response was that she was 100% improved and her voice was normal.

I should also mention that she is a nurse in a busy OBGYN practice. Coming from an allopathic setting to a chiropractor using kinesiology to show the damaging effects of mercury was an eye opening event for not only her but the people she works with.

2)  Submitted by Dr. Lebowitz DC

Donald is a 47 year old man. He has been under treatment by a neurologist for 2 years with a bad case of neuropathy (bilateral) that has not been responsive to any treatment. For 9 years he has been plagued with dizzyness, chronic fatigue and brain fog- also unresponsive. He was taking lisinopril, lorazepam, and gemfibrozil. He had some toxic exposures many years ago from a malfunctioning furnace and living in a house with a contaminated water supply. His 19 year old daughter exhibits the same symptoms but is presently living out of state.

On our first exam he weakened on the following vials by AK Test Kits (1-888-323-0625): Mixed Fungus, Casein, Gliadin, Caffeine, Thallium, Beryllium, Chromium, and Platinum. I usually do not test all the metals but in cases of "idiopathic" neurologic symptoms I do. He strenghtened on Morinda and Melia Supreme (Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744) and they blocked the fungus vial. He also strengthened on Takesumi Supreme which blocked the positive metals. We supplemented with all 3 and took him off refined sweetening, fermented foods and the positive food toxins listed above. We re-examined him 17 days later. He said his fatigue had improved 60% and his neuropathy 40%. Since metals can take a long time I was quite pleased with the neuropathy improvement after only 17 days. He tested negative on the fungus vial and no longer needed Morinda or Melia. He still needed to stay off the food toxins. The metals no longer tested, but the Takesumi did as did Manjistha Supreme (helps remove toxins from lymph), zinc picolinate and alpha-lipoic acid. Our guess is that we started mobilizing the toxins and his body was ready to get a little more aggressive in clearing them thus the addition of manjistha and lipoic acid.

This patient was right before I left for Hawaii so he is a work in progress and we have referred him to a doctor in Grand Junction to continue the work

1.From Jeff McCloskey DC, Grand Junction, CO

Caren is a 72 year old patient who has had psoriasis for many years.

She came to me for low back pain but mentioned that her psoriasis was worsening and had spread from her scalp to her face and neck.

With AK testing, her spleen/axillary neurolymphatics tested weak and were very tender. Takesumi Supreme (Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744) strengthened the weak divisions of her Latissimus Dorsi muscle in the clear.I advised her to take the Takesumi Supreme and to massage her axillary/spleen lymph nodes and that we would re-check in three weeks.

Three weeks later, she returned and was pleased and said that her psoriasis had improved by 50%! At this time she tested also weak when TL'ing the lymph nodes below her umbilicus. Takesumi Supreme again strengthened her weak muscle in the clear as did Morinda Supreme. I advised her to take both supplements for another 3 weeks and to avoid all Methylxanthine products (Food Toxin Kit- AK Test Kits 1-888-323-0625) as they weakened her strong muscles.

Another 3 weeks later she returned and said that her psoriasis had now (in 6 weeks) improved 90%!
I often use this testimonial to many patients to illustrate the connection between toxicity/hidden infections and auto-immune diseases (and skin disorders.)

In the last year I have seen her approximately once a month. At different times she has also tested weak for gliadin, casein, albumin, and soy. At different times the neurolymphatic reflexes over her liver, thyroid, large intestine, and adrenal have tested weak. She also tested positive for the    H. Pylori vial and mixed Virus vial from AK Test Kits. She has also tested strong on Melia Supreme and potassium iodide.

(She experiences relief of her low back pain, but I suspect that there are many factors that contribute to her inability to more fully be free of this, including her age and history, the extent of her arthritis, perhaps a less than complete avoidance of food allergens and toxins, etc.)

2.From Michael Lebowitz DC

Nancy is a 20 year old college student. She came in with an idiopathic case of erythema nodosum which was all in the vicinity of her lower legs and the pain greatly affected her walking to the point the doctors recommended vicodin. She also had 10 lesions of unknown etiology in her oral cavity.

Going back a month she suffered from a severe case of tonsilitis and swollen cervical lymph glands. Strept and mono tests were negative. Within 2 weeks it progressed into a fever that reached 103.3. The physicians tried amoxycillin and steroids (that did very little). A different physician switched her to levoquin which within 3 days caused severe tendon pain. She was then switched to augmentin and eventually some acychlovir was added. Her wbc was 15,000 and then the mouth lesions and erythema nodosum appeared. Her throat pain finally was receding but the lesions were increasing when she first came to see me. The physicians said they would take 3-6 months before they started to resolve and just offered the vicodin.

Our exam showed her weakening to the fungus 2 composite vial (AK Test Kits 1-888-323-0625) and strengthening on plasmin. All the antibiotics she had taken tested negatively (weakened a strong muscle).

She strengthened on HemoGuard Supreme, Melia Supreme, Takesumi Supreme (which also blocked the negative test by the antibiotic and positive TL's to the lesions) (all by Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744) as well as SF722 (since her symptoms were so severe we decided to give both Melia and SF722 as anti-fungals).

We felt it was possible the skin lesions were part of the reaction to the antibiotics though there was no way to know for sure.

We spoke to her mother 4 days later. She said within 30 hours the lesions were disappearing and her walking was 100% and pain free. She said I must be some kind of miracle worker.
We used the Takesumi Supreme to pull out any possible residue from the above mentioned reactions she might have been having to the pharmaceuticals. We felt the fungal issue was probably secondary to the antibiotics she took and not the main cause of her symptoms.

3. From Avery Carpenter DC Dallas TX

Hi Michael,

Thanks for developing Oral Defense (Supreme Nutrition). It has been such a help to me and my patients. I've seen a couple of patients with bleeding gums get better and another patient who get sores in her mouth get better. Personally, I was able to postpone replacing a crown because Oral Defense does such a good job of keeping the gum around the crown from being inflamed & painful.


My son Noah is a 6th trimester student at Parker and practices AK on his friends. He sent me a case history.

A 21 year old female I had treated previously told me of a recurring stye (hordeolum) she has had since she was 11 years old. Her eye would be visibly puffy/inflamed from the stye. It would occur every 3 weeks on her left eye, and often became extremely painful, hurting each time she blinked. During a normal check she mentioned having the stye problem and how it was currently present.
I initially checked for any microbial problems (vials from AK Test Kits 1-808-888-5854) testing over GV-20, but nothing showed up. Thinking it may be a local problem I tested all of the microbes over the stye itself, but still nothing showed up. I then had the patient TL the stye on her left eye, but it did not weaken a strong indicator muscle. Knowing how sometimes you can get a false negative with a TL, I tested the patient holding the biomagnetic reflex scanner (Mid American marketing 1-800-922-1744) over her eye, and when the red end was placed over the stye, a strong indicator muscle was now weakened.
While holding the red end over the stye I had the patient TL various NL reflexes to see what would negate the weakness, and the liver NL reflex showed up. I then checked all of the microbes over the liver NL reflex and this time the Mixed Parasite vial weakened a strong indicator when it was tested over the liver NL. Vital Guard Supreme and Schisandra Supreme (Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744) both negated the weakness (testing with both of them under the south pole of a block magnet over the liver NL).
I put the patient on 4 Vital Guard 3 times per day and 2 Schisandra 2 times per day. One and a half weeks after starting the treatment the patient reported a minor painless stye that only lasted one day, and since (5 months later) hasn't had any more recurrences!
The fun part of your protocol is if something doesn't show up during a
typical scan, you can treat the case like a puzzle to get to the root
of the problem and fix a problem a patient didn't think would ever be
fixed! I never would have thought to check over her liver for a stye
problem, but as Dr. Goodheart would say "anything can cause anything".

1.Susan is a 30 year old woman who I see approximately once a year. She lives about 3 hours from our office. She came in 2 months ago with the following story. About 10 months prior she had developed plantar fascitis. One month later she developed "bad TMJ" and her jaw "locked at times". Her knee then swelled and needed draining. She then developed "sausage toe". She was "sick and tired. The MD's labelled it "reactive arthritis"

On testing, she weakened on the following composite vials: Borrelia, Babesia, Bartonella as well as fibrin and srengthened on plasminogen (AK Test Kits 1-888-32-0625). We supplemented with Vital Guard Supreme, Melia Supreme, and Golden Thread Supreme (Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744). All three strengthened on testing and since the symptoms were severe and we were thinking it was some lyme related issue, we gave all three. We also gave HemoGuard Supreme for apparent hypercoagulation issues.

We had her return in 2 weeks and she reported a 70% symptom improvement (after an initial few days of "die off"). We were very happy with her improvement. She still tested on Babesia and we cut her supplements down to Vital Guard and Hemoguard.

By the 3rd visit she was symptom free. We did retest and found sensitivities/toxicities to ovalbumin, solanine and soy, none of which had showed before and she needed Manjistha supreme (to clean the lymph after all the die off?). She continues to do well.

2. From Steve Gangemi DC Chapel hill NC
For the past several months I have treated a very nice 15 year old girl with Morgellons. For those unfamiliar with this disease (as I was) it is characterized by skin lesions and strange sensations as a result of unknown fibers and seed-like pieces coming from the skin. Many say the patients are psychotic and it's all in their head as conventional medicine has no explanation for it; others say it is from toxins in our environment - the air and food. Some even go as far as saying it's from GMO foods or government made biotoxins. I'm not sure what it is but I can tell you that it's not in this girl's head as I have seen her pull these strange fibers and seeds from her skin. I am unable to identify exactly what they are. She collects them and stores them in a vial so I can test off them. They always weaken her - typically her liver, kidney, and sometimes immune and endocrine system related muscles. I have many substances to challenge against to try to detect what the fibers are but nothing shows - no heavy metals, hormones, toxins, infections, etc. To say it is strange would be an understatement. But it is real. Though I am unable to identify what the fibers/seeds are I am able to treat it. I have tested just about every product from several companies but there is only one product that tests against it - Takesumi Supreme. My patient calls it the "ink drink" and it has made miraculous changes in her life. Takesumi is able to help pull these fibers and seeds out of her body at a great rate and in vast amounts resulting in successful detoxification. When she started the products she had several rough days - the pain and skin lesions from detoxing was severe - but soon the skin cleared up and she improved. Her energy and overall well-being has improved so much from Takesumi. She still has the fibers coming out but at a much less rate now. I think it's safe to say that without Takesumi she would not be able to get over this very strange disease.

1) Lois is a 46 year old woman who I have been treating once or twice yearly for 5 years as she lives very rurally about 4 hours away from our Grand Junction office. She came in 4 months ago complaining of numbness and tingling in her whole left hand including all 5 fingers. She had been seeing a local DC who had been unsuccessful in bringing any relief. She occasionally also had the numbness on the right side as well. By the time she came in, the numbness had been going on for 3 months.

Lois exhibited no obvious muscle dysfunction or major subluxations in her cervical spine or her shoulders, forearms, arms or wrists. We ran her through our protocol and found issues with ovalbumin and gliadin as well as lead (AK Test Kits 1-888-323-0625). Nine months prior to the onset on symptoms she had moved to a different house. This "new" house was next door to an ore storage facility. The area she lives in is known for its rich deposits of lead, zinc, copper, silver, and gold. Their home's water supply is a well on the property. At the time of our exam we were not aware of her move and the possibility of metal toxicity and we had not found metals on previous visits (before the move).
The substance that "blocked" the positive lead vial was Takesumi Supreme (Supreme Nutrition Products 1-800-922-1744) and we prescribed one scoop 3x daily for one week and then twice daily until the bottle was gone and then for her to return and get re-evaluated. This is a higher dose than we usually give but we wanted to see if it would make an impact. We always warn patients that getting black stools is a normal side effect of taking Takesumi.

Lois returned two months later. She said it took 2-3 weeks for the numbness to start to resolve and it was now 100% resolved. Lead no longer tested positive though we continue to monitor her and have encouraged her to get her water tested as we have been unsure if the exposure was water or air borne.

2) Alex is a 50 year old male I have been treating a few times a year for approximately 20 years. He is usually relatively asymptomatic and comes for maintenance checks. He takes his health seriously, practices yoga daily, eats carefully, goes to the gym regularly, etc. He is prone to experiment with various new health regimens etc.

He came in recently complaining of bilateral swollen ankles of about a month’s duration. There was no trauma. Recently he had begun working in the oil fields to supplement his income and has to work 12 hour days outside in 100 degree weather.

I suspected perhaps chemicals form the oil field causing a toxic reaction.

We found no evidence of toxins, microbes or food reactions. While laying prone, if he raised his legs a weak indicator muscle strengthened. Upon further exploration he shared that he had been on a salt free diet for the past month. Testing sea salt, it strengthened a weak indicator muscle. We advised him to put 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in the gallon of water he brought to work daily and to have his snack consist of salted nuts. His condition quickly resolved. It appeared his problem was part lymphatic and part adrenal, all secondary to a deficiency of sodium or sodium chloride. A very unique case for me.

Case History- from Amy Zalbowitz, Crested Butte, CO

Lynn, a 67 year old woman came to see me complaining of “feeling toxic”. She was recovering from her second back surgery, had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis decades ago, suffered from moderate to severe anxiety, and was having trouble sleeping. She said she had been on Methotrexate “forever” and it made her feel horrible. Lynn was also on a statin drug. She tested positive for the following vials (AK Test Kits 1-888-323-0625): Mixed Virus1, Mixed Fungus 1, Mixed Bacteria1,  Candida Krusei, CandidaGlabrata, EBV,Giardia, Histamine, Alpha Solanine, Zein, and Soy. I put her on Morinda Supreme, Takesumi Supreme, Lurong Supreme (all from Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744) and Now’s powdered GABA for her sleep and anxiety. I also told her to follow the antifungal diet and stay off the foods she was sensitive to for at least three weeks.

She came back a few months later and said she had more energy and felt much better overall. She was still on the meds, but really wanted to get off them, especially the Methotrexate. She tested for Mixed Chlamydia, Mixed Protozoa, Mixed Rickettsia, Alpha Solanine, Zein and Soy. I put her on Lurong Supreme, Thera Supreme, Schisandra Supreme, Takesumi Supreme (all Supreme Nutrition) and Meriva (Thorne), and told her to continue to avoid the foods she was sensitive to. (Editors note- with findings like this we do not know if she contracted these last “microbes” since the first visit or if they were a “deeper layer” of findings so to speak, that only showed after the initial findings were cleared. With our present protocol we feel we find most if not all microbial problems on the first visit, but it is possible that some deep seated ones might not show up).

Lynn called me a few months later and said that she was feeling great except for a period of time right after she took the Methotrexate. She took it once a month and felt horrible for the week right after. She wanted to get off it, but her MD wouldn’t return her phone calls. She said she was going to switch MD’s and have the other MD help her get off the medications as she felt she no longer needed them.

I tried to follow up with Lynn a week later, but never heard back from her. Months went by with no word from Lynn, but I ran into her at the Fourth of July Parade and she came up and gave me a big hug. She said all her symptoms were gone and she was off all her medications. She was tested by an MD for Rheumatoid Arthritis and it was GONE. I asked her what she attributed this to and she said with a smile “probably to you and what you had me do”. She continues to stay away from nightshades and all corn products. 

Editors note- ideally Lynn should have been checked more often but for some reason, some patients even if doing wonderfully will not come in as often as is ideal. With our protocols it is ideal to check patients at least every two weeks till symptoms leave. There is no harm and sometimes in more severe cases it is better to check them every three to four days to make sure the supplements are tolerated well and everything is going OK (though in most cases every two weeks is adequate). Many of us have patients that come from long distances- I have had at least a few patients fly in over the past week, so we have to make due and hopefully have the ability to refer them to someone trained in this work closer to where the patient lives for follow up visits.

1) From my friend Dr Kim here in Grand Junction

April 26th, 2012- Johnny is a 17 year old boy who travelled about 3 hours to see me. He was suffering from “severe stomach aches” that had been going on for 4 weeks at the time of the visit. Even small amount of foods caused severe bloating and pain over his upper abdominal area. He was barely eating any foods and nauseated easily. He also had severe sinus congestion and seasonal allergies with red, itching eyes. He is soccer player in high school and his stamina and energy had been very low. The following composite vials tested positive (AK test kits 1-888-323-0625) bacteria, rickettsia, fungus, fungus2, and mixed candida. Bacteria and rickettsia were blocked by Melia Supreme, and fungus, fungus2 and mixed candida were blocked by Schisandra Supreme (Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744) and SF722 (Thorne). He also tested positive to caffeine, casein, gluten, gliadin and egg (but not albumin- AK Test kits). He promised that he would avoid all the foods above as well as sweetening and fermented foods (due to the fungal issues). The liver, adrenal and stomach neurolympathic reflexes werepositive and I worked on those accordingly. Two weeks later he came back with no symptoms (no “stomach ache” and no allergies). The redness in his eyes was also gone as was the itching. I couldn't find any microbial issues on the second visit. The pollen and wheat vials were positive and he was advised to continue to stay off gluten (the other foods were re-introduced). None of the microbe vials tested positive but he still needed the previously prescribed supplements and we also added Reishi Supreme (Supreme Nutrition). He continues to do well.

2) Case history  again from Dr Kim

“I have a younger brother in South Korea. He has a 7 year old daughter and her name is Seung-eun. Two months ago he called me because his daughter was diagnosed with severe FLD (Fatty liver disease). So, he asked me about diet and what else could be done to help.

My brother said her LDL was gradually decreasing but her Triglyceride level was staying very high at 365. So, I told him that she needs a very strict diet and explained why it is so important. It's non alcoholic fatty liver disease. So, I thought it's related to refined sugar consumption and omega3 deficiency. I know she eats a lot of cookies, chocolate, and candy. So, we took her off all the sugar related food and I also suggested she avoid all corn containing products and milk. I sent 3 supplements: Takesumi Supreme, Schisandra Supreme, and Reishi Supreme. I suggested the following dosages: Takesumi 2 scoops a day, Schisandra 2 caps a day, Reishi 2 caps a day. After a few weeks she repeated her blood test again.

Amazingly, on the lab test results, her triglyceride level was down from 365 to 75 (normal level is 100 to 200). Three days ago, I talked to my brother and he said all the indicators are still in the optimal range. She is doing very well. And now, his family realizes how important the supplements are. His wife is pharmacist and working for a big German pharmaceutical company. She has become a big fan of Supreme Nutrition. I think takesumi decreased all her (my niece) food sensitivities and schisandra supported the liver safely and effectively. Asians historically eat schisandra a lot. But, nowadays it's very hard to find a good quality one such as Schisandra Supreme. I don't think I can help nearly as many people without Supreme Nutrition supplements. Thank you for all your efforts and researches. 

3) From Dr Brett Morgan in Charleston, WV

Hi Michael
I have a patient that I have been treating with your protocol for over two years. Major complaints were brain fog, fatigue and allergies. Over this time she has tested positive on fungus, parasites, chemicals and inhalants, solanine, dairy, gluten and others at one time or another. She has done very well, only mild allergies now, normal energy, clear head, etc. She was diagnosed with osteoporosis some time ago, but avoided taking fosomax despite a strong push from her M.D. and her husband. I had her taking Reishi Supreme, Endo Supreme, and Wild Greens Supreme (Supreme Nutrition) most recently, as well as OsCap(Thorne). She went back to her M.D. the other day and her bone scan was back into the osteopenia range and he is no longer recommending the fosomax. I immediately told her it was because of the solanine avoidance and the supplements, but she really thought that it was because she has had enough energy to be weight bearing and exercise. Either way, this is a very rewarding case. Thanks again.

Patient was referred from a pulmonologist and dermatologist. Presentation was left arm/back rash which began with the diagnosis of pneumonia in June 2011 from the pulmonologist. Patient was coughing blood and eventual diagnosis was mycobacterium which was unresposive to antibiotics. X-ray revealed mass in the upper right lung which was non cancerous but unchanged since June 2011. Patient was in my office on Nov 17,2011. Follow up x-rays were scheduled for Dec 20 at which time patient would be put on "chemotherapy" meds which the patient could not afford since she had no health insurance (I believe she said they were over $800/month) and did not want to take them.

Testing revealed positive tests on the following vials (AK Test Kits 1-888-323-0625): mercury, fungus 1, fungus 2, parasites 2 internal, mixed protozoa, mixed Chlamydia, mixed Rickettsia, Gluten, Casein, Alpha-Solanine, Theobromine, Caffeine.

Patient was put on Morinda Supreme, Melia Supreme, Takesumi Supreme (Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744), taken off all food toxins and put on the fungal diet recommended by Dr. Lebowitz (no refined sweetening, juice, dried fruit, vinegar, alcohol, fermented soy, cheese, yeast).

Follow up two weeks later, rash was gone and patient felt much better, more energy.

Still tested for Morinda and Takesumi, and told to stay on the diet.

Follow up on Dec 20, 2011 with pulmonologist appointment revealed no mass on xray. Patient felt great said she wants to stay on diet indefinitely. Very greatful.


Dr. Jeffrey Robinson DC

Thank you Dr. Lebowitz for continuing to present technics, of your design, that has GREATLY!!! benefited my patients. Makes me look good in my patients’ eyes. More importantly their lives are with less pain, more mobility...where little was, and smiles their family members haven't seen in a long time. In practice 35 yrs and attention to AK principles is my life, it wasn't until approx. 1990-1 that I first started applying what your research brought you. Admittedly, I was skeptical with my south pole magnet in hand and a vial and apologetic to patients for using such. A large % of my patients, now, come to me for this technic, not for magnet or vial, but to regain a life that was taken by candida, parasites, fungal overgrowth, bacteria, viruses......etc. etc. I can't thank you enough on their behalf. I wish there was a booklet I could give to show the life and research and outcomes of what YOU have done. Nice for patients to read the source. Well doc, my purpose was to sign up for the upcoming April 22 seminar, can't help but speak a few words of thanks.
Include me. Look forward to seeing you after a couple decades.
From Sam Anteby DC,  Brooklyn, NY
Bobbie (not her real name) is a 21-year old nursing student with severe menstrual irregularity. She has 3 cycles per year, with menstrual bleeding lasting as long as six months at a time! Her endocrinologist suggested birth control, which she rejected for personal and religious reasons. She is otherwise outwardly healthy, except for being 50 plus pounds overweight.

Blood testing done by her endocrinologist showed high liver enzymes, very high triglycerides, and high calcium. Cholesterol levels were normal. She was also anemic from constant blood loss. The endocrinologist suggested removal of the parathyroid gland. Her family physician suggested staying off cake.

Testing of vials (AK Test Kits 1-888-323-0625) of LH, FSH, prolactin, progesterone, estrogen(s), and PTH over liver, ovaries, uterus, thyroid, pituitary and thymus were all negative, producing neither weak nor hypertonic muscle.

Testing of the H. pylori vial over her abdomen was positive for hypertonic muscle. Weak muscle strengthened with SF734 (Thorne Research 1-800-228-1966) but hypertonic muscle did not return to normal. With the addition of Berbercap (Thorne) muscle tonicity was normalized. I thought it strange, because Berberis is an active ingredient in SF734, but I assumed her body knew better than I did, and she needed both.

She took both supplements, and called me a few days later saying she felt weak and nauseous. I told her to reduce the Berbercap, and slowly build up again, which she did.

I saw her again a few months later, as she had gone off to nursing school, and attempts to synchronize our schedules were not successful. She has had 3 successive normal menstrual cycles, and lost 15 pounds, both developments to her delight and the delight of her parents. Intermediate blood tests have shown normalization of liver enzymes, significant reduction of triglycerides, and normalization of calcium levels.

She can now consider dating for marriage, in accordance with her religious practices.

We know that among the roles of the liver is to detoxify the body and maintain hormonal balance. Here we have a case of something that would appear to be totally unrelated to hormonal balance creating havoc with her system. Thanks to your system of testing, we were able to identify the cause and turn around her life for the better.
Kathy is a 43 year old female who presented with fibromyalgia, joint pain (shoulder, hips, knees, ankles), depression, and fatigue. She was taking Cymbalta, Trazadone, and Singulair as well as 50,000 units of vitamin D weekly. None of these brought dramatic improvement though acupuncture treatments would temporarily bring some relief.

She also had West Nile virus in 2006 which she never felt she had fully recovered from.

On our exam she weakened on the following vials from AK Test Kits (1-888-323-0625): virus composite, casein, gliadin, alpha solanine, and various methylxanthines. The supplements she needed were: LuRong Supreme, Morinda Supreme, Golden Thread Supreme (Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744) as well as Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil. Even though Morinda and Melia might overlap they both tested very strong on the "distance test" and her symptoms were severe enough that we gave both. Kathy suffered a fairly severe caffeine withdrawal after she started the program. Afterwards she experienced a significant increase in energy. I was unavailable and she saw a colleague of mine a few weeks later. He found she needed to change her supplements to Alaria Supreme and Iodine-Tyrosine (Thorne Research 1-800-228-1966). She also continued to stay off the solanines, gliadin, casein, and methylxanthines. The virus composite tested negative. I then saw her a few weeks later (2 months after the initial visit). Her joint pain had diminished by 90+ % since her first visit and her fatigue by 75%. She no longer took Singulair (she never mentioned the extent of her respiratory problems). Once again her supplements changed. She still needed the Alaria Supreme and Cod Liver Oil but now needed Endo Supreme and Camu Supreme. She didn't need the Iodine Tyrosine. On patients that have had severe issues it isn't unusual that supplements change periodically as they recover. Needless to say Kathy is very pleased and we will continue to monitor her.

Case History #2 Classic AK

Laura is a 45 year old woman. She had a pulmonary embolism 8 years ago and since then has had trouble breathing. I see her sporadically and she is off gliadin, casein, and solanine (as they cause inflammation and pain in various parts of her body) and the only supplement she is on is Endo Supreme. Last week Laura had severe chest pains and thought she was having a heart attack (she is not a hypochondriac and usually avoids going to doctors). She also had no appetite for a few weeks prior to this. She went to the emergency room and they did a CT with contrast to see if she had another embolism, as well as extensive lab work and 3 EKG's. They couldn't find anything and told her to see her family doctor. He too came up with nothing and told her to see a pulmonologist. Meanwhile the chest pain continued. Being a friend of mine I had her come and see me. We found a hiatal hernia syndrome, multiple rib subluxations, and bilateral weakness of the sternal division of the pectoralis major muscle. We corrected these findings (in my 30 years of practice I never had a patient have so much pain when trying to correct a hiatal hernia finding). After the treatment she felt like she was going to vomit.

By the next day she was asymptomatic and wanted to go hiking. Usually when she goes on a hike she gets winded very easily but this time found her respiratory capacity much improved. Her appetite also returned. Her hospital bill was $5000+.

Even though we and others have developed some great new AK procedures these past few years, never forget the basics.