What ails you?
Lyme Disease is a debilitating illness that is incredibly invasive and elusive. The currently used modes of testing are highly inaccurate, and it often takes patients years just to get a diagnosis. Amy Zalbowitz has had great success treating Lyme Disease with applied kinesiology (to determine the presence of Lyme as well as indicating how to treat it,) and natural supplements. She has personally had this disease for 30+ years, and has been able to eradicate it from her system using these methods. She is also helping other people to do the same. Please understand that treating Lyme can be a long, arduous process and cannot be done remotely. Amy sees clients in Crested Butte, Colorado, and if you are interested in this treatment, it may entail you travelling to Crested Butte and seeing Amy a few times a week, possibly for many months. 

Lyme testimonials: 

I struggled for 30 years with debilitating health issues.  I was diagnosed over the years by the medical profession with asthma, bursitis pneumonia, IBS, degenerative bone disease, tinnitus, vertigo, eczema, acid reflux, hiatal hernia, ulcers, migraines, TMJ, hypothyroidism, food and airborne allergies, environmental illness, and fibromyalgia.  I was put on medications that only made matters worse and never got to the root cause.   Dr Michael Lebowitz, Amy’s mentor, was the first to discover that I actually had Lyme disease and was able to keep me afloat until he developed a complete cure.  Amy discovered I not only still had Lyme, but also had several co-infections that can come along with it.  She was then able to treat me with all natural supplements and in 3 months destroyed the micro-organisms without any harmful side effects.  HALLELUJA!!!!
 After 5 decades of Lyme disease ravaging my system, I am finally free!!!  THANK YOU AMY (and Dr. Lebowitz)!!!!
- D.V.

If you have Lyme disease, you should get in touch with Amy Zalbowitz.  Amy has had Lyme, has cured herself of Lyme and knows how to help her clients with Lyme disease.  

I went to Amy after I got my diagnosis for Lyme.  I had had Lyme for 25 years at that point, but didn’t know I had Lyme because it is very difficult to diagnose.  I had been told by doctors and health practitioners that I should see a therapist regarding my symptoms.  Amy believed me, confirmed my diagnosis and went to work helping me.  She understood the suffering that I was going through when my migraines would bring me to my knees, when my brain would go blank during the middle of a conversation and I couldn’t speak, when I could barely walk up a flight of stairs.  She took me seriously.

 If you are suffering with Lyme, or suspect you might have Lyme I recommend you get in touch with Amy.  Only another Lyme patient can understand the depth of the pain and isolation that can be experienced while living with the Lyme bacteria in your body.  Amy gets it, and she knows what to do about it.

 Thank you, Amy for helping me reclaim my life.