What ails you?
I have been battling asthma-like symptoms for years, lots of mucous and heaviness in my chest, tried inhalers, antibiotics, still this has persisted. I started taking Morinda Supreme 2 weeks ago, and it has changed my life.  I feel more energetic and the mucous is completely gone for the first time in I don't know when. I actually feel as if I can breathe. What a wonderful product!!! Thanks - M.S.

When I first met Amy I was in bad shape. I had been sick for about seven months. I had been misdiagnosed in the early stages of my illness, and the wrong treatment devastated my immune system. I had seen several doctors both Western and naturopathic. At this point I was given the diagnosis of Lyme disease, however, nobody I was seeing gave me much hope or really knew much about Lyme disease. I got Amy's number from a friend. At this point I had nothing to lose. When I reached out to her she got back to me immediately. I knew she had dealt with this illness herself. After my first meeting with her I knew I could trust her, for the first time in a long time I felt very hopeful that I would have my health fully restored to me. After all the healthcare professionals I have seen in the year since this is happened to me, Amy was the first person to show me sympathy and tell me she was sorry that this it all happened. Amy is very knowledgeable and professional; she's also warm and caring. I have been working with Amy for three months now and no longer test positive for Lyme disease. My energy is coming back more and more every day, no more awful headaches, 90% of my symptoms are gone. I know it will take me some time to heal the damage the illness caused me. I feel like I got my life back! Amy was always available to me if I wasn't feeling well or have any questions. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends or loved ones. -TC

I have been cured of celiac disease. I was diagnosed by a iridologist,  I (hope I spelled that correctly). She said I had an inflamed colon and asked me what I was allergic to. I said, wheat bread, and she commented that I could never eat wheat(gluten) again or my colon would become inflamed again. So I began taking intestinew, msm, fish oil and Candida free. After about 6 months of using Candida free I noticed I still could not eat any carbs without getting stomach cramps, nausea and rumbling feelings in my lower stomach area. I was told by several nutritionists that I would never get better and to get used to it. Boy were they wrong!  I searched the internet and finally came across the Supreme Nutrition website. What a Godsend and an answer to prayer. I contacted Amy Zalbowitz and told her about my condition and she recommended three products which were Golden Thread, Melia and Takesumi Supreme. I took these wonderful products for about one month and all my symptoms of celiac disease/inflamed colon went away. I can't thank Amy and the folks at Supreme Nutrition enough. I still avoid gluten now but I can enjoy fruits, carbs, raw vegetables and sweets without the cramping and rumbling in my gut. Anyway I just wanted to give encouragement to anyone out there with the same problem I had that there is hope of being cured of this disease. I am living proof of it as I have been free of all symptoms for over one year now. God Bless Amy Zalbowitz and Supreme Nutrition for their GOOD WORKS!!!  A. Owens

These products are great. I used the Morinda Supreme and the Melia for 2 weeks. Not only did I get rid of the parasites and fungus I had, but the toenail fungus I have had for years is now growing out. I went on the anti-fungal diet during this time, and I also lost 11 pounds. I was reluctant to use prescription medications for the toenail fungus my doctor prescribed, since there was a possibility for kidney damage. Instead, I used these natural products and they worked without having to worry about damage to my kidneys or other organs. I later got uranium poisoning accidentally and the Takesumi quickly got it out of my system. I will use these products in the future. - F.M.

I got fungus from humidifiers and black mold that was starting to grow in my house. I went on the anti-fungal diet and took Morinda Supreme. In a week the fungus was gone, and the  Morinda Supreme is terrific. I feel very calm and happy when I take it. The anti-fungal diet is not hard once you get in the groove of it, but it is important to really look at labels and think about what you eat.  - D.A.

I was having a lot of inflammation in my joints that were debilitating. I started taking the Lu Rong and it helped immensely. I found it also increased my libido a great deal. - J.K.

That Lu Rong really increased my libido. I love that these products are so natural. - K.R.

I had the worst cold that would not go away. It lingered for 3 months and was causing me to have asthma symptoms. I took Morinda Supreme and Melia Supreme and went on the anti-fungal diet. The cold was better in two days, I could breath again and my sinuses cleared. I stayed on the diet and took the products for 2 weeks and I lost 11 pounds that hasn't come back. I really think these products are terrific. -D.Z.

I LOVE Morinda! Since my childhood, I have battled issues related to skin irritation. Between waves of random eczema as well as acne breakouts, I have felt frustrated with my skin for almost 20 years. Dermatologists always seemed to hone in on topical treatments such as steroid-based cortizone creams and the infamous retinol acne defense. These products provided no healthy answers for my skin. Finally, more recently I was gifted with the information that the main causal factors could be fungal and parasitic. The natural and powerful herb Morinda and a healthier diet finally gave me some results! My skin has cleared up and I feel like I finally exhibit the healthy state my body is in! For me, this is astonishing and self-reassuring. I am super grateful to the noni plant! - A.M.

I have spent the last 6 years trying to get my health back, going to 2 endocrinologists and 1 Doctor of Medicine. Finally, I called my friend Amy to talk to her about the protocol she is using. Western medicine doctors are the only doctors that I have been used to dealing with, so I was unsure how it would work for me.

Amy put me on Morinda Supreme, Melia Supreme, and Takesumi Supreme, the several supplements that I would need to help me get back to good health.  I began taking the supplements immediately and began to feel better within 48 hours.  I had diarrhea for 2 years, and with the supplements, it went away in 2 days. The Morinda and Melia got rid of the fungus (with the anti-fungal diet) and Takesumi got rid of the metals. The Melia and Takesumi then got rid of the giardia I had.

I am now taking Camu Supreme for a virus that causes chronic fatigue. I used to nap every single day, and now I can function well without napping.  After several weeks on the supplements and going on the anti-fungal diet, I feel so much better in such a short period of time.  I am very pleased with my results and will be back to see Amy to check my progress. - LC

I felt like I was getting a cold, and started taking Camu Supreme within a day of feeling my sinuses starting to clog and my throat starting to get sore and scratchy. The cold never came due to taking the Camu. Two days later I was able to stop taking the Camu, because the cold not only didn't come on, but I was symptom free and have been for the past week  - DE

I had been experiencing the following symptoms; heartburn, constipation, fatigue, lack

of energy, facial skin rash, and just overall “blah” for months. I was ready to do anything to change it. It was while I was visiting my sister that I heard about this woman, a certified nutritionist with a slightly different approach.

I was able to get an appointment while I was visiting over Christmas; it was the day that changed my life. The experience of applied kinesiology and what has transpired since then is amazing. At first skeptical I listened to what Amy had to say and made notes to myself about the changes I would need to make and the lifelong commitment it would take. This at first scared me; however I knew I needed to make some changes. December 27th was the day I chose to implement all the recommendations suggested by Amy.

I am not going to lie; the first four weeks were rough and I thought daily about giving up. No one around me was engaged in the changes I was making (they thought it was voodoo). I was alone, but persisted and by the fourth week was feeling better than I had in months; 10 pounds lighter and more energy than I was used to. Mentally clearer, and all the symptoms I started with were resolved; confirming I was on the right path.

Since then, I have continued on to lose 10 more pounds and maintain my energy and feeling of overall wellness due to maintaining the changes in my diet and eating habits that I made to get here.

Thank you Amy for inspiring me. 

The following customer took Schisandra for liver support which

along with changing her diet lowered her cholesterol. Did antifungal diet
and took goldenthread, vital guard, Melia, Lurong and Reishi. 

Dear Amy,

Great news re: my recent blood work . my cholesterol went from 265 to 192,
LDL from 165 to 115,and the others remained almost the same !! I stopped
taking the statins the end of February !! Thought you might enjoy this
really good news. -RC

My daughter contracted ringworm from our new kitten. I treated both of them with Vital Guard Supreme and both of them no longer have ringworm. Thanks for the great products! - ME

Prior to being on a statin drug my regular cholesterol was at 243. After taking the statin for 2 years I stopped taking it and began taking a natural supplement called Schisandra Supreme. I also modified my diet by reducing red meat, eating more fruits and vegetables, eating breakfast daily ( mostly high fiber cereals) and eliminating many excess sugars !! I stopped the drug in February of 2012 and had my blood retested in August of 2012 ... my cholesterol dropped to 192 !!! In addition my LDL dropped from 165 to 115. - AM

 I am so thankful for everything I have learned from you about living a healthier life. You really helped my skin feel and look better!! Thanks again!! - AB

I feel fantastic!!  I have been 100% committed to doing everything you said & am astonished at the results!!  I can't thank you enough. - RN

Hi Amy, just wanted to say thank you for you help in resolving my candida/inflamed colon problem. Now I am able to eat normally again, thanks and May God Bless you for helping others like me. - MO

 I struggled for 30 years with debilitating health issues.  I was diagnosed over the years by the medical profession with asthma, bursitis pneumonia, IBS, degenerative bone disease, tinnitus, vertigo, eczema, acid reflux, hiatal hernia, ulcers, migraines, TMJ, hypothyroidism, food and airborne allergies, environmental illness, and fibromyalgia.  I was put on medications that only made matters worse and never got to the root cause.   Dr Michael Lebowitz, Amy’s mentor, was the first to discover that I actually had Lyme disease and was able to keep me afloat until he developed a complete cure.  Amy discovered I not only still had Lyme, but also had several co-infections that can come along with it.  She was then able to treat me with all natural supplements and in 3 months destroyed the micro-organisms without any harmful side effects.  HALLELUJA!!!!
 After 5 decades of Lyme disease ravaging my system, I am finally free!!!  THANK YOU AMY (and Dr. Lebowitz)!!!!
- D.V.

If you have Lyme disease, you should get in touch with Amy Zalbowitz.  Amy has had Lyme, has cured herself of Lyme and knows how to help her clients with Lyme disease. 


I went to Amy after I got my diagnosis for Lyme.  I had had Lyme for 25 years at that point, but didn’t know I had Lyme because it is very difficult to diagnose.  I had been told by doctors and health practitioners that I should see a therapist regarding my symptoms.  Amy believed me, confirmed my diagnosis and went to work helping me.  She understood the suffering that I was going through when my migraines would bring me to my knees, when my brain would go blank during the middle of a conversation and I couldn’t speak, when I could barely walk up a flight of stairs.  She took me seriously.


If you are suffering with Lyme, or suspect you might have Lyme I recommend you get in touch with Amy.  Only another Lyme patient can understand the depth of the pain and isolation that can be experienced while living with the Lyme bacteria in your body.  Amy gets it, and she knows what to do about it.


Thank you, Amy for helping me reclaim my life.



Feet – My right foot especially has been really bad for a few years. I have avoided going to the doctor because I knew they were going to give me a prescription for it. I have maintained them by putting lotions and other products on them. My right foot looks almost normal and my left foot looks really good. It has gone from cracking, dry, sore, just plain embarrassing to presentable with a sandal. Getting even better!!! 

Itching – Recently my skin hasn’t been itching as much as it used to, but my scalp was itching. My skin and scalp are completely itch free. It used to be severe. 

Nails – My nails have never really grown. And if they did, they would start to crack. They are all long except for one of my thumbs. They are growing at the same rate, and they are strong. This has never happened. Usually they chip, peel, and break. They continue to grow and none of them have broken!! 

Face – I have had Rosacea on my left cheek for years – 20 or more. I think it is going away. I am not 100% sure about it due to the fact I have gotten some sun lately. Liberty agrees with me that it seems to be disappearing. My skin looks better in general. 

Body odor – This has been a major problem over the last maybe 6 years. It comes and goes. And the severity increases and lessens without a real reason. I have really just learned to live with it. It has just become a family joke. I actually don’t use deodorant because it makes it worse.  We traveled all day last Wednesday with airline delays and cancelations. Usually at the end of a day like that I would have some serious underarm odor. I was able to wear the same shirt two more times on my trip because it didn’t smell. It was crazy! This isn’t perfect, but it has improved immensely. Continues to improve!! 

Weight loss – I eat fairly healthy all of the time and exercise regularly. I don’t like to “diet”, but when my weight started creeping up I started trying to lose some weight, and it was very difficult. I just went back to eating as healthily as possible and working out a little more. Since I started doing the protocol you put us on, I have lost almost 5 lbs. in about 1 ½ weeks. I don’t think I have ever done such a thing. I don’t have any cravings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to go sit at a coffee shop and drink coffee, but I am not craving coffee. I am not hungry between meals. This restricted diet has not been difficult even though we have been in CB and Austin for the time I have been doing this. I just search the menu and figure out what I can eat. 

Anxiety – I feel less anxious. We have had to face some really bad things this year. I have tried to deal with everything through prayer and peaceful meditation. I feel I have done a good job under the circumstances, but there was always an underlying anxious feeling. I feel that this has improved immensely. 

Cellulite – I feel the cellulite on my thighs has decreased drastically. I don’t know if this is my imagination or a reality. I really don’t know why or how this would be the case – but it seems to have lessened.  

Cold Sores – I have been getting them regularly lately. Usually I get one on a return home from CB, but I did not get one this time!! 


Mood – She is in a more positive, peaceful state of mind. Her self-esteem is better. She seems to be more like herself … before she got sick 10 months ago. She is just more content!! 

Bowel Movements – She has had a BM the last 6 days in a row. She was still having a lot of problems with this until the last 6 days. We hope the 6 day streak continues. She took her dosage up to 5 pills, but since she started to be more regular, she has reduced it to 3 pills. Are there any side effects to taking so much magnesium?????  

Skin – She is glowing and looks so pretty. 

Nails – Seem stronger 

Eyes – Brighter and prettier 

Energy – She has more energy 

Anxiety – It has decreased a lot! 

She is just at peace rather than worrying about this and that like a 13 year girl often does. 

Well this is our update. We hope the progress continues. I spoke to someone from my school today. Also, we are going to have our CB house checked for mold. I contacted a person. The red words are an update since I started this a few days ago. 

I worked out today. I feel so much stronger! I did the stadium steps and ran and walked. When I ran, I didn’t have to think about it. My legs didn’t feel like lead. I am still pretty slow, but overall I feel amazing!!!!!!

Hi, my name is Blane Barnes I am eighteen years old and able to live a normal, happy life thanks to Amy. When I was a freshman in high school I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Crohn’s. Crohn’s is a series of ulcers throughout the digestive track that bleed and are extremely painful. I was on tons of medicine for about two and a half years until my aunt told me about Amy. Not only were the medications not working but I also was not able to eat a majority of my favorite foods. With Amy’s help I was able to get off of all of my meds and go back to eating whatever I want. Amy gave me my life back, and for that I will always praise her knowledge and treatment.

I started seeing Amy Z. a couple of years ago.  I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by my doctor and the first time I saw Amy, I was so sick and in so much pain that I could hardly lie down for her to test me. My body was full of parasites, toxins, etc., etc.
As time went on, my health was improving, but still not up to par.  We began to discuss Lyme disease as many of my symptoms pointed in that direction.  A blood test that I had for Lyme was negative, which I learned is usually the case.
Amy was persistant in trying to find out exactly what was making me sick, and at one appointment, the Borrelia Burgdoferi bacteria reared its ugly head.   This is the bacteria for Lyme disease. This bacteria, along with other parasites, can "hide" in your body and it is necessary to BE persistant to find them.   Amy began to treat me with different supplements and within a couple of months, my health was vastly improved. It is important that, in conjunction with the testing by Amy, that you follow her diet recommendations and take supplements as directed.  Another important fact, is to take supplements that your body "likes" vs. supplements off the store shelves that may cause inflammation.
Lyme disease is not specific to certain areas of the country as some will have you believe and the blood test is usually negative, as was my case.  I am thankful to Amy for being persistant and working with me to find out the cause for a lot of my symptoms. 
Kathy G.